The Four Minutes That Could Change the World – Universes

with 432 Hz Healing Tone

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Each of us is a universe or microcosm of the universe. We can tap into this vast, multi-dimensional consciousness just by ‘going within’. Humanity has forgotten its grand purpose and become consumed with ‘the human drama’ and ‘stayin alive’. Embracing ourselves as the immortal souls that indeed we are, we become masters and we have an immediate powerful effect on ourselves, our families and friends and the entire universe!

This recording includes a low 432 Hz tone, known for healing (among other positive impacts), which is the frequency of the musical monuments along the Nile, including the Holy of Holies and The Great Pyramid.

Pending broadcast by Jimmy Blanchette via his 432 Megahertz Antenna with gracious assistance from David Sereda.

A Seven Brothers / Maxogram® Production
Narrated by Stephen Cipes (
• Founder of Summerhill Pyramid Winery (
• Author of All One Era (
• Producer of The Next Echelon (2.5M views) (

The Next Echelon

Meet Stephen Cipes in the moment, unscripted, revealing what flows through him as a conduit of Spirit. You could call it a masterclass on the subject of the grandness of each of us. This is a one hour film released on July 4, 2022 with over 2.5 million views.

• Producer of Queen Elizabeth II – The Great Revelation (

Queen Elizabeth II – The Great Revelation

A recreation of the Kaddish Prayer, the prayer for the dead in Hebrew for Queen Elizabeth on the day she chose to make her transition 9-8-22 where Stephen called for a minyan to join me in the prayer and while standing in the lake for over two hours, trillions of souls joined me from the entire universe to honour the one entity, perhaps in eons, who personified the word Queen. It was the most thrilling experience of my life!



Universes (Audio)

Universes (Square)

Universes (Landscape)

Universes (Portrait)

Universes (Transcript)

Musings on putting our hands on our hearts and realizing we are each a universe;
microcosms of the universe, if you will.


When we say to ourselves a wisdom like “let’s go within”, the ‘I am’ wisdom, we are receivers, conduits, holy vessels; conduits of spirit, source and love.

What we are really saying is, “I recognize myself as an entire vast universe in multi-dimensional knowingness, wherein there is no time per se and there is presence of original, splendid intention, presence of loving ourselves, and all there is that we create from moment-to-moment in loving universal consciousness.”

By going within, we become a mini universe as all life is connected.

There is no separation.

Divine unity.

There are now 8 billion of us on planet Earth and we are having a little forgetfulness about who exactly we are.

All of us have chosen to take bodies on this plane of demonstration; this magnificently ideal for life-in-body, blue-green playground, spinning around our star with highest intentions to contribute to the harmony of nature
and peace and prosperity for all.

We came knowing it would be a severe challenge and sad departure from our heavenly homes in other dimensions.

We bravely came to demonstrate each of our own individual, unique contribution or purpose, which is always based on the most powerful of all universal energies we call love.

Sadly, many of us forget this grand purpose and our individual grandness.

We are struggling in bodies to stay alive and well and secure with the basics of food, water, shelter and clothing.

We have forgotten our precious essence and have slipped into greed, anger,
hatred, tyranny, unspeakable atrocities and utter destruction at this rate of abuse of ourselves and our precious planet.

We have created a living hell for all of us, rather than a mirror of our beloved living heaven.

We are all equal.

There are none of us who have not partaken in the atrocities of mankind, and conversely, who have not ascended in dreams and knowingness in our sublimeness.

There is no heaven and hell in the sense of punishment and reward.

We are each a divine universe, a universal citizen, indeed.

The time is now for love, for in the moment we, each and every one become
immortal masters.

As masters, we touch the world exponentially.

We invite an echelon of glorious revelation to flourish as we embrace going within, for it is our grandest platform.

Here we unveil the delusion of separation from our grandness.

Here we cherish our life-supporting planet with all our minds, souls and bodies
as it is our cherished platform for our evolution of consciousness.

Here, ironically, in the lowest frequency, we have the most significant
learning environment where we can significantly affect all there is
and all who are in the vast universe.

We need this plane.

Evidence is mounting daily with the three waves of volunteers, including the Indigo children, who remember their lives in other dimensions and are guided to come forth with their presence.

It appears they are here in greater numbers than ever before, as they share
an increasingly critical mission to prevent utter destruction of this precious planet, which they know would have drastic impact on all creation throughout the universe.

With all the power of pure love, beauty and goodness, I offer a prayer to Holy Hashem – the word for ‘all there is’ that we proactively go within in this glorious moment.

Indeed. Amen and amen. Selah!

Namaste. I salute the divinity within you.