Oneness Mastery


The following outlines the tenets of a training course we are endeavouring to develop that aims to teach individuals to embrace the concept of Holy Oneness with all that exists, to recognize their oneness with the Divine, and to co-create a joyful and harmonious life in alignment with this truth.

Participants will learn to embrace their I AM presence, accept the glory and responsibility that comes with this understanding, and become conduits of Spirit.

The course will teach individuals to avoid fear-based behaviors and embrace a love-based approach to life that benefits both themselves and the planet.

The training will includes the Key to merging with Loving Universal Consciousness (L.U.C.K.) and encourages individuals to tap into their inner child to master the bold premise of their oneness.

Ultimately, we will seeks to empower individuals to lead themselves and others towards a more loving, harmonious, and fulfilling existence.

1. There can be no truth other than holy oneness with ‘all there is’ … indeed We are G-D.

2. There is both glory and there is responsibility to the acceptance of this Divine truth premise.

         A. The I AM presence and premise i.e., being one with ‘all there is’ by proactively co-creating from moment to moment IS our glorious heritage, here to take and enjoy.

         B. Upon accepting this divine holy truth, of BEING G-d / G-dess in bodies, ‘THE GREAT WORK’ begins!  The first and foremost quest is to share and show(demonstrate) the glory of the I AM Oneness presence and premise… the most glorious platform of recognition to behold that any sentient being can be honored to behold.

BTW, honoring attainment of platforms with tokens of progress could be made available to all students and may lead to formal initiation ceremony and celebrations.

         C. All the rest of ‘THE GREAT WORK’ such as avoiding waste, pollution, meanness, and hatred, aggression, selfishness, greed, competition, and all that is fear based, comes naturally as we embrace becoming ‘conduits of Spirit’, AKA Loving Universal Consciousness, L.U. C. where we each give and take from the waves of consciousness that effectively is us.

          D. We merge with Loving Universal Consciousness as/when we have THE Key making it L.U.C.K, that unmistakable ‘Lucky feeling’ where we marvel at everything coming together magically and so synergistically… pure JOYFUL living in our oneness where all flows harmoniously and naturally!

          E.  “A little child shall lead us:  As we adults embrace our ‘little girl, little boy selves’ and encourage our children to embrace their magnificent love of life on our spinning blue green playground, we will all naturally and easily master the bold glorious premise of our oneness and of our all-powerful loving influence on ‘all there is’.  TAKING BACK OUR POWER( from corporations and government) TO PHYSICALLY REFRESH AND RESTORE OUR PRECIOUS BODIES AND PLANET!

           F.  The path of least resistance is upon us!  The secret is revealed!  We ARE G-d, we ARE Love, we ARE the ones we have been yearning for, we ARE the grand teachers for each other as all one forever beings! 

          G. Our path to embracing our forever oneness IS our grandest and most urgently loving gift to give to ourselves and to our precious planet! This most Divine gift is upon us!  We ARE the ones who shall lead us!!!  Selah…

In addition, tokens of progress may be available to all students, leading to a formal initiation ceremony and celebrations.